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Roseville Cali Fast Home Buyers

this image shows houses we buy in Roseville, California

The city of Roseville, California can be found in Placer County. Indeed, it happens to be the largest city in that county, with a population of 140,000. Interstate 80 runs straight through Roseville on its way across the country to Teaneck, New Jersey. That’s quite a trip—almost 3,000 miles in all. But most people who come to Roseville aren’t driving on a cross-country trek. Rather, they come here to do some shopping. Some of the most popular malls in northern California are at visitors’ disposal. Most take full advantage of the fact, which greatly helps to boost the town’s economy.

Cali Fast Home Buyers likes to do a bit of shopping of its own. We buy Roseville homes of almost any size, condition, or location. We’re a good ace card to play for those who need to sell fast. Their reasons may vary from things like code violations, dilapidation, an impending foreclosure, or the need to relocate for personal or professional matters. A lot comes under our transom, which is just fine because we’re always happy to assist folks out of what rocker Bruce Springsteen once called a hometown jam. And even if Roseville isn’t your hometown, we can still help. Give us a call at (916) 516-1417. Not long after you do, we’ll present a cash offer for your property.

History of Roseville

Roseville started as a tiny little stagecoach station called Griders. Black and white photographs of stations like this exist online. Big mustaches, cowboy boots, flowered hats, and bustled dresses are nearly always part of the scene, along with few horses, and the occasional general store.

The first signs of change came about with the construction of the Central Pacific Railroad. It happened in Sacramento, in 1862, as the western section of America’s first transcontinental railroad. It connected with the Union Pacific Railroad in Utah, in 1869. Before then, the tracks came together at Griders, with the California Central Railroad line. At the time, the name Griders was changed to Junction. From there, it eventually became Roseville. In 1909 the town became incorporated.

Even to this day, Roseville remains something of a railroad city. The Union Pacific Railroad still employs over a thousand people here. But in the 1950s, whilst men like James Dean were rebelling without proper cause, and Elvis Presley was being censored for swaying his hips, Roseville began to expand into other avenues of economic trade. Shopping centers started popping up. New homes and schools. Also during this time, air travel became popular, putting a dent in rail-line revenue. Hurting it further still was a new interstate highway system. Now folks interested in traveling long distances could do it from the comfort of their car.

Still, the sound of a train whistle dashes off its presence with signature allure. It hasn’t yet faded to obscurity beneath the black oak trees that grow along the fringe of Roseville. The railroad is still here, along with yellowed, newspaper memories from the days of its construction. Some historical areas downtown were revitalized in 1988. Roseville likes to keep one eye on the future, and one hand holding the past as if escorting friends from a different era into places no one can be sure about.

Living in Roseville

Roseville is one of the best places to live in California.

Wait a minute. Doesn’t every Golden State city make that claim? But in 2020, Money Magazine ranked Roseville #45 on the list of best places to live in the United States. Roseville is also the only California city to make the list. So this time around at least, we have a bit of truth to go with the statement.

Now let’s get into why. In Roseville, everything is 10 minutes away. Traffic is always light, and there is lots of wide-open space. With so many gently rolling fields to see, one may be reminded of Emily Bronte’s classic novel Wuthering Heights…except the average high temperature here hovers around 75 degrees, and the average low, 50 degrees. That’s considerably less harsh—on the cold side—than the English moors. So feel free to take a stroll and enjoy the landscape.

Some of Roseville’s neighborhoods include Blue Oaks, Sierra Gardens, and Johnson Ranch. All are peaceful, with streets that are safe to walk at night. If there’s any complaint to be found with the city, it’s that some of its older residents feel like things are growing a little too fast for their taste. These residents will tell you their memories of when Roseville’s population was about 5,000, compared to today’s 140,000.

Roseville real estate

If you plan on buying a house here, expect to pay about $444,000. That ain’t hay, but then most people living in the area rake in about $70,000 per year. Employment opportunities at places like Hewlett Packard, Union Pacific Railroad, and Kaiser Permanente certainly help to pay the bills. The majority of homes available are single-family, with 3-4 bedrooms.

One other good thing about that home you’ve got your eye on—it’s close to larger cities like Sacramento and San Francisco. So just in case the peace and quiet start to grate on your nerves a little bit, it’s easy enough to seek out some chaos. Or perhaps you work in one of those cities and are wondering about the commute. The average time it takes Roseville residents to get to work is 26 minutes. That equals the national average. What you’ll likely hear from other residents is that a lot of area roads are only two lanes wide, which tends to slow things down.

Cali Fast Home Buyers doesn’t know much about moving slowly. Most of our clients don’t have time for us to drag our feet. Nor do we ever wish to. Instead, we give fast cash offers to those looking to sell right now. You won’t need a real estate agency. You won’t need to repair the damage or do any cleaning. We take care of everything in a matter of days. If you need to sell your Placer County home fast, give Cali Fast Home Buyers a call at (916) 516-1417.