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Rocklin Cali Fast Home Buyers

this image shows houses we buy in Rocklin, California

Tucked away in Placer County, not far from the metropolitan culture of Sacramento, lies the city of Rocklin. About 60,000 people live here. The streets and landscaping are well maintained, the parks are clean, and the schools receive high marks for quality education. Residents with experience living in other parts of the country tend to opine that Rocklin is one of the better places to call home, while the indigenous harbor little desire to roam. Their reason is simple enough:  Rocklin makes them happy. It’s quiet and it’s safe. The working joes commute to the Bay Area for business, knowing they’ll have a lovely place to relax when they come home. Nothing feels rushed or chaotic. Rocklin is a city at peace with itself.

As for Cali Fast Home Buyers…well, we sort of like the idea of being rushed. It’s most often necessary because our customers call us out of hope that they can sell their Placer County home fast for cash. Nor is that hope in vain. We do indeed offer to buy property quickly—most times in as little as 7 days. Why? There’s more than one reason. Some people have big opportunities elsewhere and need to get out of an old deed fast. Others are worried about impending foreclosure. Others still are faced with mountainous code violation fees that they’d rather not pay. These along with many other issues pass under our transom every month. And every month, we find a way to untangle them. To know more, give us a call at (916) 516-1417.

Rocklin history

As with many central California towns, Rocklin owes much of its history to the California Gold Rush (1848-1855). In the 1850s, miners were all up and down the Secret Ravine, which runs straight through Rocklin. Today, thorny brush lines the banks of the ravine, and it’s hard to picture it as a former place of big dreams.

Another piece of history that Rocklin shares with other nearby towns involve the transcontinental railroad. In 1864, the Central Pacific Railroad finished up a section of railroad from Newcastle to Secret Ravine. At around this time, the railroad furnished the ravine with a new appellation:  Rocklin. This because of a nearby granite quarry. Once the transcontinental railroad was complete, train traffic through Rocklin picked up mightily. The town’s population increased to about 550 persons. Also, the miners began to realize that Secret Ravine was no longer such a great secret; in fact, what little gold it may have been hiding now seemed to be gone. So the miners gave up their panning to go work on the railroad. All the livelong day.

The town was incorporated in 1893. It soldiered on as a quarry and railroad town until the 21st century, when at last, the framing of its traditional economic structure buckled beneath the weight of modern social culture. Today’s Rocklin worker commutes to Sacramento or San Francisco or punches a clock in the back room of a contemporary business chain. This tells the tale of Rocklin:  a disaster short of a tragedy, a bureaucratic scandal short of a farce.

Rocklin today

For Rocklin residents, everything needed is either right outside the front door or just a short drive down the road. Mountains, valleys, lakes, and big cities are all within easy reach. For those looking to start a family, they could certainly do worse than to choose this quiet, unassuming community as a place to set up housekeeping. In 2008, Family Circle magazine named Rocklin one of the 10 best towns for families in America.

Pretty little parks and tranquil walk paths can be found all over the city. There are panoramic views of the Sierra Nevada Mountains to the northeast, and the Sutter-Butte range to the west. Enjoying these parks is easy not only for their picturesque settings but also for the weather. Summer average highs can get a little hot—into the 90s for July and August. In winter, the average temperature is a fairly comfy 53 degrees.

Rocklin is a lovely city. Not surprisingly, its residents want it to stay that way. They police their streets, calling the boys in blue if a party gets too noisy, or if there’s trash left out on the curb for too long. Mind you, this is rarely a problem. Please don’t go pick up the morning newspaper in your boxer shorts, or crush out your evening cigar on the neighbor’s pet cat. (We’re kidding—nobody here does these things).

Rocklin housing

Perhaps because it’s so coveted a place to live, the average cost for a home in Rocklin is a somewhat lofty $481,900. Spacious lawns, wide driveways, and flowery trees make up the landscapes. Most of the homes are single-family, residential, and are owned by people who work outside the city. This isn’t a problem for them, since transportation services here are rarely hectic or difficult. You’ll have an event-free experience with getting to places like Sacramento or Lake Tahoe.

Restaurants and curio shops are just a short walk away from anyone’s doorstep. Chances are, you’ll bump into a friend on one of these excursions, as the community is known to be pretty tight. Like the famed Boston bar from that old TV sitcom, Rocklin is a place where everybody knows your name.

The homes here may be a bit more expensive than what outsiders are used to seeing, but are not hard to find. At least 30 are on the market at any given time. Indeed, we couldn’t help but notice that they’ve been on the market for quite a while—weeks and sometimes months.

If you need to sell your Rocklin home fast, call Cali Fast Home Buyers to get things moving. We won’t put you through a real estate agency that employs a “30-day challenge” for its agents. For us, it’s more like a 7-day challenge. We’ll come and do a brief assessment of the property, then present you with a cash offer. It’s as easy as that. You won’t need to make repairs, or do cleaning, or decorate for showings. It’ll be strictly business with a firm handshake…and some green paper. Want to know more? Call us now at (916) 516-1417.