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Rancho Cordova Cali Fast Home Buyers

this image shows houses we buy in Rancho Cordova, California

For Sacramento County, Rancho Cordova may be considered the new kid on the block. That’s because it wasn’t officially incorporated until 2003. The name itself came about in 1955, in memory of an 1844 Mexican Land Grant. Up until just after WWII, the area held many names, such as Mayhew’s Crossing, Hangtown Crossing, and Mills Station. About 65,000 people live in this family-friendly city. Most of them commute to jobs in larger, more busy places, rendering the streets here rather quiet and serene. Indeed, Rancho Cordova is something of a bedroom community—an opinion that seems to rest just fine with those who live here.

As with Carmichael, the American River runs close to town. Many hiking trails, parks, and secret little gathering spots dot its banks. Dining in Rancho Cordova can be a multicultural experience. Italian, Thai, and Indian cuisine are but a few palatable treasures readily available downtowns. Also, the community is just 15 miles east of Sacramento, so for those in search of a little more adventure, California’s Capital is here to please.

Nor is it the only one. Cali Fast Home Buyers pleases every one of its customers who need to sell their Sacramento County home fast. In as little as 7 days—but most times faster—we can make you a cash offer on your house. Size, location, and condition seldom matter. Don’t worry about cleaning or repairs. Don’t worry about staging for potential buyers. And most of all, don’t worry about getting a fair deal on a property you can no longer afford to own. You don’t need a real estate agency to sell your home in Rancho Cordova. All you need is Cali Fast Home Buyers. Call us today at (916) 516-1417.

Rancho Cordova History

Mills, or Mills Station, was named after the grist mills that once lined the American River. These mills were used to grind cereal grain into flour. The mills date back to the 1890s, and today, some foundation ruins are still in place. It’s interesting to see how long pieces of the past can remain adrift on the sea of time. I once visited a home built in 1840. Before the American Civil War, it was used as a schoolhouse. To this very day, chalkboards still exist on the living room wall.

In 1844 a 35,000-acre land grant was handed over to William Leidesdorff. Leidesdorff lived just four years after the grant. He left the property to his heirs, who sold it in 1855 to one Captain Joe Folsom. If ever you chance to see a picture of Captain Joe, he is always standing on the right, and his eyes are sad, as if in remembrance of a happier time.

Between the 1850s and 1880s, the area became host to many vineyards and orchards. One of these vineyards—the Cordova Vineyard—would eventually provide Rancho Cordova with the name it uses today.

Things to do in Rancho Cordova

For those in search of excitement in Rancho Cordova, the best thing to do is hop on the light rail transit system to Sacramento. It gets commuters into the big city fast and comfortably. But if you don’t feel like taking a full dosage of metropolis mayhem, have no fear about being resigned to a boring stint in front of the television. This cozy little community does have a few interesting flowers to pull from the sleeves of its jacket.

Take for instance the Granite Arch Climbing Center. Here, novices and pros alike can hone their rock climbing skills on over 20,000 square feet of shear wall. The heights are dizzying, the challenges, adjustable according to your skill. Granite Arch’s facilities prepare climbers for real McCoy that waits out of doors, such as the Consumnes River Gorge and the Rocklin Boulders.

Plan on taking the baby with you, or a child up to 8 years old? Place rock climbing on hold and go visit the Sacramento Children’s Museum. Arts, Science, and all-around good times can be found here for your little ones. The museum emphasizes being interactive, so kids can learn cool things in a hands-on environment. If you like to see your kids smile and hear them laugh, take them to the Sacramento Children’s Museum.

Rancho Cordova Real Estate

So how much does a house cost here? Currently, the median home value is hovering around $315,000. That’s just a ballpark. Your home may be worth more or less. At Cali Fast Home Buyers, we don’t necessarily take the property at face value. What we’re seeking is potential, and we almost always find it. Even if you think you have an ugly Rancho Cordova home that would never sell, give us a call. There’s a good chance that by the end of the day you’ll be presented with a cash offer. Just think about that for a moment before you read on.

A same-day cash offer for your ugly home. If you decide to let a real estate agency move the house instead, right off the bat you’re going to be looking at 30 days. Correction:  at least 30 days. It’s one thing if you’ve got that kind of time. If not…you’re going to lose out. Maybe in a new home. Or a new job opportunity in another city. Or on various penalty fees for things like code violations or late payments to the bank. Cali Fast Home Buyers doesn’t put you through these kinds of worries. We’ll give you hard cash for your property before cutting the leash that’s holding you down. It all happens in a matter of hours, or at the very most, a few days.

Sound good? Yes, everybody wins here. You get fast cash without having to climb a mountain of paperwork. We get Rancho Cordova property with potential.

If you own a home in Rancho Cordova, or anywhere in Sacramento County, and you need to sell it now, not next month or next year, call the experts who know how to take care of business quickly. Call Cali Fast Home Buyers at (916) 516-1417.