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Folsom Cali Fast Home Buyers

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If you’ve never heard the famous song by Johnny Cash, “Folsom Prison Blues”, you’re probably not old enough to own a house, let alone sell one. The song is about a man locked in Folsom Prison for committing a heinous crime. It was first released in 1956. Since then, the city of Folsom has occupied its unique place in pop culture history. If you happen to be from Folsom, chances are, you’ve been asked about it several times. Maybe by now you even hate the song. Or, maybe it gives you something to talk about at parties. Perhaps you tell lies to pretty girls (over crystalline glasses of cut-rate champagne) that you helped Cash with some of the writing. If that last happens to be accurate…shame on you. Unless it works. Then, bravo!

Of course, there’s no reason at all to know anything about country music classics when it comes to selling homes fast in Folsom. If you’re looking to get out of town fast, move to another house in town, escape bank foreclosure, or have any other reason for making a quick sale for hard cash, Cali Fast Home Buyers can help. You’re going to be very surprised by just how easy we make it all go. Contact us today at (916) 516-1417.

Folsom History

Folsom is named after a United States Army officer and real estate investor. In the mid-nineteenth century, he incorporated a town called Granite City. That was the best name he could think of for a place full of gold miners out of Sierra Nevada. Granite City did quite well for itself; however, its success had nothing to do with miners striking it rich with a rusty pick-ax. Instead, the city’s founder managed to get a railway built that connected his town with Sacramento. Let that be a lesson for all of us:  When you’re founding a city, hook it up to an even larger city that’s already prosperous and start drawing blood.

We’re kidding of course. But Granite City did take off after the railway was built. When its founder, Joseph Libbey Folsom, died in 1855, the city’s name was changed to commemorate his efforts. Folsom’s famous prison came about in 1880 when land for labor deal was struck between the state and a family of wealthy ranchers. The family was hoping to build a hydroelectric dam to help operate a sawmill.  That mill never came to pass, but the prison sure did, and today keeps over 2,000 men under lock and key. Other men—like you and me—would rather not get to know the place so personally, and remain content to whistle Cash’s iconic melody from time to time.

Contemporary Folsom

Despite its rather dubious relationship with the color orange, Folsom residents consider their town to be safe and quiet. It was once considered a small town. Recent times, however, have seen the arrival of tech giants such as Intel, Hewlett-Packard, and Oracle. With these titans nearby, high school students became inspired to crack the books. Their hope was (is) to get accepted into colleges that can help with landing high-tech jobs. These ambitions have altered, somewhat, the countenance of Folsom. Before the “geek” companies appeared on the scene, most students were just looking to get out of school and get regular jobs. Today the game is different. It has moved from the sandlot to the full-sized ballpark, complete with a mezzanine and scoreboard.

In and around Folsom, California is some very well-kept houses that hover around the $600,000 price range. At a glance, the town looks like what one would find back east. Business blocks with decorative eaves line clean, bright sidewalks. Cheerful trees shade pedestrians from a summer sun that’s sometimes a bit too aggressive. Taking a drive outside of town may remind folks of Ohio. Roads twist through wooded areas that change color in the fall. Folsom is one of those places that experience autumn—with its cooler temperatures and brightly colored trees—but stops a bit short of winter snow. Its average snowfall per year is zero inches. This statistic works out just fine for people who aren’t into snowmen, or sledding.

Mainly because of so many tech companies setting up shop nearby, Folsom is growing fast. Having said that, should you talk to a resident here, and inquire about the nightlife, you’ll be told that the sidewalks roll up at around 9 PM. Perhaps this is because people need to get to work at those tech companies in the morning, or the college kids are all too busy studying. Whichever the case, Folsom residents maintain a reputation for clean, sober behavior. At least outside of that giant prison.

Folsom Real Estate

With so many new jobs opening up, new houses are being built to accommodate an influx of workers. That makes Folsom—currently at least—a seller’s market. If you happen to own a home you want to sell (and really, that’s why you’re reading this in the first place), you may be thinking:  Cool! I’m not going to have any trouble at all unloading this property. I’ll just sell to the next geek wearing a pocket protector who drops by.

But selling an ugly home in Folsom may not be so easy. Or what if the home isn’t exactly ugly, yet still needs some repairs? Something as simple as a leaky roof could drive buyers away. Staging is another task you’ll need to address, should you choose to sell on your own or go with an agency. Yes, you’ll need to decorate everything prettily, with crackers and Kool-Aid on the side, if you please.

Cali Fast Home Buyers is willing to close a deal on your Folsom area home in as little as seven days. One of our representatives will make a short inspection of the property, then likely present you with a cash offer on the spot. It all happens without repairs, without cleanings, without showings, and without real estate agents.

For a quick, fair deal on your Sacramento County home, give Cali Fast Home Buyers a call at (916) 516-1417.