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Elk Grove Cali Fast Home Buyers

this image shows houses we buy in Elk Grove, California

“Proud heritage, bright future” is the motto for Sacramento County’s Elk Grove. About 175,000 people live in this city of wineries, vineyards…and an award-winning school district that employs over 4,000. Its name can be misleading, in that one may associate Elk Grove with miles of wooded terrain dotted by log cabins puffing smoke into the twilight skies of a winter evening. In reality, it’s the second-largest city in the county, with employers like Apple and Kaiser Permanente holding down firm offshoots. Handsome homes sit back from wide streets, their facades somewhat blurred by the mists of clicking lawn sprinklers which help keep the grass green.

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History of Elk Grove

A Spanish explorer came upon the region in 1808. He named it Sacramento Valley, in dedication to the Spanish Holy Sacrament. Sacramento eventually became the name of California’s capital, while further south in the valley, a little stage stop burgeoned for travelers going to and from Sacramento and San Francisco Bay. This stage stop featured a hotel called the Elk Grove. As the community grew, it adopted the name.

For many decades after, Elk Grove remained a cozy little farming town that did not receive much urban development. It wasn’t until the late 1980s that things began to change. Sacramento and San Francisco were well on their way to being tech industry giants by then, but not everybody who worked there wanted to live there, too. Thus, urban development started to spread around the area, allowing people to easily commute from more quiet, peaceful places. Places like Elk Grove.

In the year 2000, Elk Grove was incorporated as a city. Five years later, it was declared the fastest growing city in America. Apple started manufacturing its ever-popular iMacs here. And even when it decided to offshore the process, it remained in Elk Grove as a tech support center.

Today, Elk Grove is a city of farmers’ markets, festivals, parks, and gardens. Folks still commute to jobs in the big city, but they call Elk Grove home because of the respite it brings from metropolitan madness. Wide, quiet streets shaded by camphor trees greet them after a long day. Grapevines, rife with ready-to-eat fruit, are still easy to find, even after so many years of encroachment from the modern world. And so are tranquil nights by the fire and cool evening breezes through the window.

Living in Elk Grove

The easiest way to describe life in Elk Grove maybe thus:  It’s a nice city with friendly people. That might not be robust enough for some, but when looked upon with more than just a casual glance, little else is left to desire. In his poem, “The Power Of The Dog”, Rudyard Kipling writes:  There is sorrow enough in the natural way from men and women to fill our day; and when we are certain of sorrow in store, why do we always arrange for more?

Okay, so he was talking about dogs in that poem, but beneath the solidarity of its subject matter, there exists the faintest apparition of metaphoric reference to life itself. In Elk Grove, very little arrangement for further sorrow exists beyond what another poet once referred to as the darkness at the edge of town. Residents keep things easy here. Loose and light.

Nor is it only the trees and the grapes that help. Elk Grove is full of parks—over 90 in all—to visit with your kids on sleepy days. It’s also close to the mountains on one side, the ocean on the other. The Laguna Creek Parkway features 13 miles of waterway, with walking and riding trails, and fine places to get in some fishing. Other parks include the Stone Lakes Refuge and the Cosumnes River Preserve.

Coming around to food, we can say that Elk Grove doesn’t like to see people go hungry. Over 70 restaurants are scattered all over town. They are of different ethnic cuisine to suit the adventurous palate. And like any small town, you’ll also find plenty of coffee shops here, and bakeries, and delicatessens. Some of those delis are even in stainless steel.

Elk Grove housing

Homes in Elk Grove range in size and architectural design. The median home value is just over $400,000. You won’t necessarily be paying that much for one, though. We’ve seen area starter homes go for $250,000. Around 52,000 houses in total exist in the city. They are spread out, however, with most featuring ample lawn space.

Two major freeways cut near Elk Grove, making travel from your front doorstep to bigger places easy to do. Neighborhood watch groups help to keep the streets safe, though, in truth, there isn’t much danger to be found here. Owning a home in Elk Grove is a generally safe, uneventful experience. That may sound vague, but the testimony of those who’ve lived here for years carries a lot of weight. Elk Grove is a nice place to call home.

Sadly, not everyone can stay. Situations sometimes crop up where it becomes necessary to sell an Elk Grove home fast. New job opportunities in faraway places, flood damage, fire damage, a death in the family, can all influence a homeowner’s circumstances. In almost every case, Cali Fast Home Buyers can help by making a quick offer for the property in hard cash. If you need to sell your home in a matter of days, give us a call at  (916) 516-1417 to find out how we can make it happen.