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Need to Sell Your House in California?

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    We Buy Your Home Fast – Need To Sell Your Home Fast?

    The following scenario you’ve no doubt seen many times in the movies, or read in books: 

    A couple finds the perfect house in the perfect neighborhood. It’s quaint, it’s quiet. The schools are nice. The roof never leaks, even when it rains. Everything is…well…perfect. Now all the couple needs to do is sell their old home and off they go to a new life. Here is where the trouble starts. Nobody wants to buy their home.

    For any number of reasons (depending on the author of the script), the Realtor agent can’t move it. And while sales talks drag on, the window of opportunity for the new house is closing fast. Another buyer is intent on snatching it up. The couple needs to sell their old house—right now. But it simply isn’t in the cards. Time runs out. The new house gets snatched up, and the couple is forced to go back to square one. Their dream of pulling up stakes turned sour simply because a buyer could not be found for the first home. 

    Had the couple consulted Cali Fast Home Buyers at (916) 516-1417, the whole mess could have been avoided. To start with, we don’t even involve realtors or real estate agencies. These parties typically ask for extended contracts that give them months to sell your home. You don’t have months.

    You’re hoping to sell within days. Cali Fast Home Buyers is more than capable of accomplishing that feat. In fact, once one of our representatives walks through the home, you’ll most times get an offer on that same day. Going further still, you don’t need to clean the home or make any repairs beforehand. We have an eye for potential and know exactly how to draw the best out of any home in Sacramento County. Even if somebody else has already made you an offer, we’ll strive to meet or beat it with cold, hard cash.

    Sell My Sacramento House Fast

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    There are lots of reasons people search for a good buy my house as is company. Shown here are just a few: I want to move into a new home fast

    • I need to escape foreclosure
    • My old home has suffered extensive damage
    • An elderly friend/relative needs assistive living

    We could go on, but you get the idea. Sometimes people just need to get out. But selling a home the traditional way is both tedious and time-consuming. So many opportunities may come and go while you wait. Let us assure you right now—that doesn’t need to happen! Cali Fast Home Buyers is here to buy your home quickly and painlessly.

    Once you give us a call we’ll place a representative on the case. He or she will visit your Sacramento County home (most times on the very same day). After a brief inspection, you’ll receive a cash offer. The whole process takes days at the most—sometimes it’s just a matter of hours. We move fast. You’re going through a period of change and you need the road to be as smooth as possible. We can help with that. Contact us so we can put you in the fast lane and hit the gas.

    We Buy Ugly Sacramento Houses

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    Think your home is too ugly for anybody to be interested? Well here’s some great news:  Cali Fast Home Buyers doesn’t care how ugly the situation is. We are cash home buyers on many different levels. Our team looks at what can be done with the house, not what has been done to the house. So if you need to get out from underneath a place that’s in poor condition, don’t wait another day.

    Give us a call at (916) 516-1417 today!

    Even if your fixer-upper home has troubles like these:

    • Mold and mildew damage
    • Leaky pipes
    • Leaky roof
    • Rotting wood or water damage 

    Don’t let the condition of your home or your home property deter you from contacting the fast home sellers of Sacramento. We give fast cash offers to homeowners just like you every day. There is no need to wonder “who wants to buy my ugly house?” when we are right here with the answer.

     Maybe you’ve seen a few of that California house flipping shows on TV. Many of the houses that get flipped are in dilapidated or near dilapidated conditions. By the end of the show, of course, they look like new. That’s something akin to how we run things here at Cali Fast Home Buyers. And you don’t need to worry about what happens to the house after we buy it. We take care of all the paperwork and all the repairs.

    Sell A Sacramento House with Code Violations

    If the city slaps your home with a code violation, you could be in for some serious repercussions. Ordinance fees, repairs, nasty warnings in the mail. And you may think (lying awake in bed in the middle of the night):  I’ll never be able to move this house without fixing its code violations first.

    Hey…you don’t have to move the house. We’ll do it. When you search “sell my house for cash” online, you may be worried about code violations such as nuisance abatement or building condemnation…until you see Cali Fast Home Buyers pop up on the screen. Because we can make you a cash offer for that home and then take care of all the violations ourselves. This takes the full burden off your shoulders, which you really don’t need anyway because you’re moving into a new place.

    Selling a house in Sacramento County can make for quite a rocky road. This goes double if you need to sell now. You need to find an agent who truly feels like the house can sell. Then you need to prepare the house for listing—repair it, clean it, dress it up for show. Then you have to sit down and wait. And wait. And wait. And after all that waiting, who knows? Maybe an interested buyer will come along.

    Don’t do it to yourself. Get a quick cash offer on your home from Cali Fast Home Buyers. All it takes to get started is a single call to (916) 516-1417.

    Frequent Questions We Hear About Cheap Houses for Sale in Sacramento


    When you come to us with this problem, we get straight to work. A representative will visit your home—most often on the very same day—and after a quick inspection, present you with a cash offer. Should you accept the offer, that’s it. The house is sold.

    Cali Fast Home Buyers isn’t just a name. We move fast because just like you, we realize the value of time. We don’t make you worry about realtors, or going through a bunch of bank paperwork. You won’t be asked to make repairs to the home or clean it. And in as little as one week, we will close the deal so you can get on with your life.

    To quote Huey Lewis:  It’s as simple as that.


    Are you kidding? “Sell your Sacramento home fast” is what we’re all about!

    John Lennon once said, Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans. It’s so true.

    Unforeseen circumstances such as medical bills, termination of employment, a global pandemic…all have the potential to throw a spanner into your machinations. Should you ever find yourself in a mess with mortgage payments, don’t forfeit to the bank. Get some of our quick Sacramento money out of your home instead. That’s called beating the system at it’s own game, and we can help!

    Real estate tycoons scour pre-foreclosure listings every day hoping to find the perfect opportunity. In Sacramento County, 1000s of homes get added. Every day. Your home needn’t be among the throng.

    Cali Fast Home Buyers can sweep in with money that’s as green as anyone else’s, purchase the home and sell it on a quick turn-around. This cuts you free from annoying meetings and cluttered paperwork.


    this image shows a house in california

    Staging is poor

    • Real estate agents know that staged homes tend to sell faster and at higher prices
    • With us, you don’t worry about staging at all
    • You show us the home; we buy it
    this image shows a home in california

    Price is too high

    • If your Sacramento home has been shown around to lots of potential buyers, but no one is pulling the trigger, it may be time to drop the price.
    • Cali Fast Home Buyers doesn’t put you through this dilemma; instead, we make you a cash offer on the spot
    • Dozens of strangers won’t be browsing your home, with promises to “call you back later”
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    Listing photos are not ideal

    • The pictures may be out of focus or depict ugly Sacramento homes
    • Cali Fast Home Buyers isn’t asking you to be a photographer
    • We put money in your hand for your home, no matter how it looks
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    This is a tempting option, especially for first-time sellers with little market experience. Indeed, many lawns around Sacramento carry “for sale by owner” signs. But without professional assistance, it can take a long time to close out a deal. Our clients don’t typically have that luxury. And not only does independent selling take longer, but the seller gets a lot of extra work, like:


    • Price haggling
    • Home staging
    • Showings
    • Having the proper homeowner’s insurance
    • Taking and listing good photos



    Come on! The whole point here is to “sell my Sacramento home fast”. How are you going to do that if you’re messing about with trivialities?

    We can make a quick cash offer on that home, cutting around all the nonsense you don’t have time for.

    Contact Cali Fast Home Buyers at  (916) 516-1417 to get the deal closed in as little as seven days.


    We can indeed provide a free quote for your home, sometimes right over the phone!

    When you dial our number at (916) 516-1417, a member of our friendly, courteous staff picks up the phone to handle all of your home selling hassle elimination needs. Just tell us a little bit about the house and the property it sits on. From there, we’ve got you covered. You’re not going to be messing around with a Realtor that will buy your house, or tire-kicking strangers roaming around your personal belongings with no true intention to buy, or baking cookies and brewing tea as part of a staging process (you won’t have to worry about staging at all!).

    Cali Fast Home Buyers isn’t here to tie cute little ribbons and bows around everything to lure in the perfect buyer. We are the perfect buyer. We’re going to collect some information about your home properties, and then we’re going to put some money on the table.

      Guess who that money belongs to? Yes, you. You won’t be snagged in negotiations with the bank, or going through mountains of paperwork. You won’t be scrubbing the floors or painting the walls. There will be no long lists of showing appointments. No fluctuations. No waiting by the phone. The color of what we do here, good sir or madame, is green. And the speed? Well…fast. Very fast.

      You need your home to sell. We can help. Give Cali Fast Home Buyers a call at (916) 516-1417 today.